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» Extended Warranty - Benefits  
  • Peace of Mind
  • Better Resale value
  • Near cashless & speedy claim settlement
  • Insures you against unforeseen break down repair bills
  • Documentation is simple and hassle free
  • EW is transferable to the subsequent buyer for private use only
  • Policy valid at all Tata Motors authorized dealers and TASC's

» EW Coverage Top


  • Mechanical + Electrical + Emission

» Term Top

Models covered

A) Indica, Indica Vista, Indigo, Indigo Manza, Safari 2.2 DiCOR, Sumo Grande, and Venture

  • 24 months +12 months or 150000kms (whichever occurs earlier)
  • 24 months +24 months or 150000kms (whichever occurs earlier)

B) Sumo

  • 18 months+12 months * or 150000kms (whichever occurs earlier)
  • 18 months +24 months * or 150000kms (whichever occurs earlier)  

C) Aria / Safari Storme / Sumo GOLD

  • 36 Months + 12 months / 150000 kms whichever occurs earlier

* Maximum time allowed to opt for Extended Warranty Policy is limited to


  • 6 months from date of sale for vehicles.

» Where to enroll for extended warranty Top
  • From the showroom / workshop – In any dealership of your choice

We strongly recommend purchase of Extended Warranty at time of purchase of your vehicle. Surcharge applicable on purchase of Extended Warranty after 90 days of purchase of vehicle.

The Dealer Service Marketing Executive shall explain to you the Terms and conditions, Coverage and Owner’s responsibility.

» Extended Warranty Rate Card : Effective from 6th December 2012 Top

Additional 1 year or upto 150000 kms
(whichever occurs earlier)




0 -90 days

91 – 180 days




Indica Vista 4950 5445
Indigo 5350 5885
Indigo Manza 5350 5885
Sumo 6450 7095
Venture 6450 7095
Safari 2.2 DiCOR 7090 7799
Sumo Grande 7090 7799
Sumo GOLD 8950 9845

Additional 2 years or upto 150000 kms
(whichever occurs earlier)




0 - 90 days

91 – 180 days




Indica Vista 5950 6545
Indigo 6490 7139
Indigo Manza 6490 7139
Sumo 7450 8195
Venture 7450 8195
Safari 2.2 DiCOR 7950 8745
Sumo Grande 7950 8745


36 Months + 12 months / 150000 kms (whichever occurs earlier )




0 - 90 days

91 - 180 days

181 - 730 days





For Safari Storme

36 Months + 12 months / 150000 kms (whichever occurs earlier)




0 - 90 days

91 - 180 days

181 - 730 days





Note :

Extended warranty does not apply to vehicles used for shuttles, delivery vehicles, driving schools, emergency services, ambulance, any kind of timed competition or race, or off road service

» Parts coverage Top

Engine: Cylinder head and head gasket. oil pump and drive. crankshaft and related bearing and seals. flywheel and ring gear. timing gears. belts and chains. camshaft and related bearing and seals. cam follower. valves (excluding burnt and pitted valves) valve gear. pistons. connecting rod. gudgeon pin. distributor drive. inlet and exhaust manifolds. internal oil seals. bore / liner. turbocharger. inter cooler units where factory fitted. variable geometry turbocharger .EGR cooler .Cam box . Autotensioner. Dual mass flywheel.

Clutch: Clutch pressure plate. clutch disc. release bearing (Any breakdown covered up to 50.000kms in ARIA and 30.000kms in other models) master and slave cylinder. clutch cable (failure due to worn or burnt out clutches are not covered). clutch switch. clutch HP pipe.

Transmission: Internal gears. shafts. synchromesh rings and hub. bushes. selector forks. drive chains. gear lever and bushes (failure due to worn or burn out clutches and bands are not covered).gear shift cable. reverse switch .Torque on demand

Transfer Case: All internal parts.

Cooling System: Radiator. water pump. thermostat. engine oil cooler (failure due to external damage or corrosion is not covered). auxiliary tank

Steering System: Rack and pinion. steering box. column. shaft bearings. couplings. power steering pump. pressure pipes. reservoir

Propeller Shaft: Shaft. universal joints. centre bearings.

Final drive & front wheel drive: Crown wheel and pinion. differential gears. hub and hub bearing. drive shaft & couplings. constant velocity joints. hub drive flange & Rear disc brakes

Fuel System: Fuel injection pump. injectors. chock unit. ECU. Cold start valve. pressure damper. auxiliary valve. overrun cut off valve. deceleration valve. tank sender unit. glow plug. fast idle control device. fuel rail. fuel pressure regulators.

High pressure pump. common rail. high pressure pipes. throttle body. continous variable cam phaser unit .Fuel pump calibration & rectification for faults

Brake System: Servo. master cylinder. wheel cylinder. diesel vacuum pump. calipers. discs (excluding brake pads / liners). drums. handbrake lever and ratchet. ABS ECU with modulator. wheel speed sensor. and brake pedal switch.

Suspension: Shock absorbers (excluding fluid leakage). bush / mechanical failures. control arms. upper and lower wishbones. springs. subframe. Any claim for shock absorbers is limited to 35000 kms of vehicle use beyond which it deemed to be normal wear and tear. (ARIA – Any claim is limited to 50.000 kms only)

Casings: Should failure of any of the components covered result in damage to the casings. and then they will also be covered and will constitute part of the maximum claim liability.

Exhaust System: EGR valve. EGR Actuation system. secondary air pump.

Intake System: Assembly throttle body ( Which includes map sensor. throttle position sensor and idle speed control valve) .Air mass flow meter .cam angle sensor. Air intake throttle. air temperature sensor. air mass flow meter. Oil separator and PVC valve.

Ignition system: Distributor ignition coil. HT cable. ignition switch. Immobilizer ECU

Evaporative Emission Control: Canister purge valve. fuel tank cap and relief valve

Engine Management System: Crank angle sensor. Vehicle speed sensor. Water temperature sensor. ECU. cam sensor. Knock sensor lambda sensor. PDA position sensor. rail pressure sensor. accelerator pedal sensor. Some parts pertaining to emission warranty are incorporated in the mechanical breakdown cover.

Electricals: Starter motor and solenoid. alternator .wiper and washer motor .windows motors. fan motors. panel switches and instruments. driver information system. body control module .ambient temperature sensor . Rain light sensor. Bluetooth box. Rear view camera . window winding controller.

Air conditioning: Compressor. condenser. evaporator and clutch magnet. AC control panel. Thermal expansion valve. blower motor. heater unit. pressure switch.FATC

» Exclusions Top

Tata motors will not accept any liability for any loss, damage or injury of whatsoever nature sustained by any person(s),property or vehicles(s),including the vehicle detailed in the registration form, caused by or arising out of or in way connected with motor vehicle accidents, fire ,storm, flood, theft, chemicals, contamination, environmental, hazards, vandalism, windstorm, damage, explosion, fire, freezing, fuels, lightening, road hazards, tsunami or any other natural calamities, war, civil war, civil rebellion, invasion, insurrection, hostilities, confiscation, nationalization, or loss resulting from order of government or local authority, ionizing radiation or contamination by radioactivity malicious damage or any other loss, damage or liability not otherwise specially covered

Tata motors will not accept any liability for damage caused by lack of servicing, abuse or the continued use of the vehicle after any fault has become evident, or for consequential loss of a part not covered by the extended warranty.

Normal maintenance services including without limitation, oil and fluid changes, Wheel alignment, headlight aiming, wheel balancing, tightening mountings, tyre rotation , tyre inflation ,engine tuning , engine overhauls , clutch and brake settings , universal joints , clutch & brake overhaul , valve clearance settings , brushes kit and alternator brush kit , wiper motor brush kit , differential back lash setting , replacement and adjustment of bolts.

Normal maintenance service items including without limitation, bulbs, fuses, battery tyres, tubes, brake lining, internal parts of brake master cylinder and wheel cylinder ,belts (other than timing belt),hoses ,filters, wiper blades,bushes,oil and coolants.

Any seal/gasket replaced / refitted as a part of periodic maintenance schedule.

Items having limited life like clutch, brake liners and pads

Interior trim, wheel rims, rubber parts, body & body parts, body mouldings , corrosion of body parts , glass, lenses , lock cylinder etc.

Any repair service required as a result of accident

Exhaust system like catalytic converter, muffler, Accessories

» Damage or failure resulting from Top
  1. Loss of vehicle on account of burglary, theft etc
  2. Any break down of parts unless specified in the master schedule of parts covered
  3. Any loss or damage to batteries, tyres and tubes by any case whatsoever
  4. Any loss or damage to windshield and door / window glasses, paint, trim  and appearance items like bright finish material, decorative parts, decals etc.
  5. Any loss or damage to upholstery, carpets/floor coverings, seats and seat covers.
  6. Any loss or damage to the items which are not part of the original vehicle
  7. Any loss resulting out of odometer disconnection, tempering or alteration.

» Damages arising from Top
  1. Defect which is likely to have existed prior to the commencement of extended warranty
  2. Foreign matter entering the fuel or cooling system
  3. Grade of oil, lubricants , hydraulic fluids , or any additives not recommended by Tata Motors
  4. Any corrosion or damage due to corrosion
  5. All warranty expenses are covered only after vehicle reaches workshop.
  6. Injector not covered if problem is due to improper fuel.

» Owner's Responsibility Top
  1. The vehicle must have been serviced as per periodic maintenance schedule from Tata motors authorized dealers / Service Centres, Service points or Service outlets.
  2. The intervals between scheduled services must not exceed stipulated mileage more than as mentioned in Extended warranty booklet
  3. The Extended Warranty registration form is completely filled in at the time of application
  4. Present Owner’s manual and extended warranty booklet to Tata Motors Dealer/Authorized repairer while requesting inspection or attention.
  5. If the extended warranty booklet is lost or destroyed, the owner should consult Tata motors dealer from whom the extended warranty was registered for advise concerning obtaining duplicate copy.

» Extended Warranty Booklet and Cover note: Top

The Customer to retain this booklet and the same to be produced to the dealer while claiming benefits under Extended Warranty.

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